How do I know if it will work on my easel?

The Artist's Air wil sit quite nicely on most H frame studio easels. The H frame, or double masted (like the one shown on our home page), allows for a more secure fit for the velcro strapping to wrap around.

An A frame, or tripod style easel is usually a bit lighter weight, and with only one mast to wrap around, our "collection box" will possibly feel a bit wobbly on the easel.

A field easel, French Easel for instance might work and that depends on where you could place the collection box. You could experiment with a cardboard box of the same dimensions and see if you can make it work. The dimensions of the collection box are 10" high by 30" wide by 4" deep.

The Hughes Easel is usually too wide for our collection box to sit centered on the ledge. Our older special order collection box, which we no longer produce, has worked on the Hughes Easel, but, we no longer take special orders.

Sienna Easel (with weights) unknown.

Mabef is great or any that have a crank lift. You are adding an additional 7 lbs to the easel, so having one that raises and lowers fairly easily helps.

How and where does the collection box sit on the easel?

The COLLECTION BOX rests on the ledge where you normally place your canvas or board.The collection box secures with a velcro strap onto the easel and can sit with the hose going off in either direction on your easel.

What if it is too loud for me?

The decibels values, for anyone who appreciates quantifying in numbers are 30-75 DB.

For the rest of us, the sound is much like a window fan, or a/c, both of which also have three settings normally, as does our filter system. So it is adjustable and most people can find a setting that works well for them without it being an annoyance. If you are quite sensitive to noise and find it intolerable, we have a return shipping policy, full money back, if sent back to us before the end of a two week trial. You will need to cover return shipping costs. You will also need to hold onto all packing materials for re-use and re-package it just as it was shipped to you. This will insure protection against potential damage due to improper packaging.

Can the filters be cleaned or do they have to be changed?

No, you can't clean the HEPA or VOC Carbon filters, only the prefilter in the collection box, or in the cannister. The HEPA and VOC filters must be changed when they are getting used up.

How often do they need to be changed?

This depends on your working habits and frequency of studio worktime. If you begin to notice a build-up of either fumes (VOC carbon filter) or pastel dust (HEPA) lying around on surfaces nearby, it is probably time to change the filters. An average for a professional painter in either medium might be 2.5 yrs. If you create lots of dust daily with ultra soft pastels on sanded surfaces, you may get less time out of the HEPA.

How do I change the filters?

It is pretty straight-forward and you can print out the pdf for instructions here.

If I get the D model, can I later add the carbon filter and make it a V model?

Absolutely and it is easy, although it will cost more to do it that way.

If I already have an air filter can an Artist's Air collection box be attached to it?

That depends on what you have. Best to call to discuss this.

Do you ever have sales or give discounts?

We don't have sales, but occasionally will discount for cosmetic reasons such as a small dent or large scratch, if there is something that isn't perfect visually on the collection box, or the filter unit.

What is the tray?

It is your Artist's Air new best friend... it hold pastels, paint brushes, or cleaning rag that you are using on your current painting, instead of placing it on the screen of the collection box. We have all done this, those of us who use this great machine, but it can inhibit the flow of the air intake. The tray can be attached either along the front of the collection box, or at either end, perpendicular to the box.