product photos

The filter unit, with hose attached by hose clamp, HEPA Filter in 50D & V models, VOC Carbon Filter in V model. FilterHEPAvoc










Close-up of box with screen and "lift bar" on easel

A Lift Bar is no longer provided; we found that very few people used it.

SCREEN allows air flow yet prevents pieces of pastel from dropping into collection box. Tiny pieces will still go through, and be caught by prefilter.liftbar

How the box secures with velcro strap onto the easel:

Can sit with the hose going off in either direction on your easel. COLLECTION BOX rests on the ledge where you normally place your canvas or board.strap








The Tray:

An accessory to store some of your tools, to keep the intake screen clear.

Can be attached anywhere along the front of the collection box...fronttray or on either end