Our Products

Please note that 40 and 50 models are no longer available through us, however replacement filters are. The 50s use Allerair's 5000W series. The 60s use Airpura's 600 replacement filters.

60-V ARTIST’S AIR includes the following:

60-D (or Dust-Only) ARTIST’S AIR includes all of the above, except for the VOC carbon filter.

Collection Unit (6" diameter hose attachment): to fit Allerair 5000W series. We have a few of these left. They are the same as above, but made for a 6-inch, rather than a 5-inch flexible hose. Please call us to purchase one of these.

Each ARTIST’S AIR is handmade in Maine (collection box, tray, etc.) and Quebec (filter is made by Airpura) of the best material. The collection unit is made of galvanized steel and powder-coated to give it a durable flat black finish. Unlike painting, powder coating involves baking a dry pigment directly onto the steel. The filter unit likewise is constructed of steel and powder-coat finished. The connecting hose is made from very flexible, strong wire-reinforced vinyl.

ARTIST’S AIR uses approximately as much electricity as an incandescent light bulb: 120 Watts maximum and only about 40 Watts on low. It uses a very quiet fan and the system is balanced to allow a maximum airflow with a low sound level.


60-V: 18 lb. VOC carbon filter and a HEPA filter (40 sq. ft.)

60-D: Has HEPA filter (40 sq. ft.), and no VOC carbon filter.

• the 60 VOC unit weighs about 55 lb., (the 50 model was about 45 lb); it rolls well on four excellent casters

• the 60 has a more powerful motor than the 50 model, providing on "High" about 10% more air flow than our former 50 models.

• the 60 has about 18% more carbon in the VOC filter than our former 50 models and c. 10% more surface for the HEPA filter. This allows a longer time between replacing filters, but the replacement filters will cost more than the 50s due to the difference in size/capacity.

• the 60 has a variable switch

• filter cannisters are 15" in diameter. From floor to top of cannister (excluding flange) the 60 is 24" high; or 28" including the flange.