Articles About Artist's Air

The Artist's Magazine, October 2005
Pastel Journal, February 2006
Pastelink, Winter 2006
Pastel Society of the Northern Rockies Newsletter, January 2007

What Artist's Air Owners Say:




"ARTIST’S AIR is the best investment I've made in my studio...and myself!" — Susan Ogilvie, Washington





"My ARTIST’S AIR Filter allows me to create without worrying about the dust generated by my pastels and to maintain my in-home studio by reducing the amount of pastel dust created. It fits beautifully on my easel and even when set at high still allows me to easily hear my music! I believe it is one of the most important purchases any artist could make." — Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Massachusetts






"When painting with pastel or oil, I know my ARTIST’S AIR is keeping my studio air clean. I love it! — Urania Christy Tarbet, California






"My ARTIST’S AIR filter is honestly the most important
piece of equipment in my studio, besides my pastels
of course!" — Lyn Asselta, PSA, St. Augustine, FL






"I am loving my ARTIST’S AIR filter. It is excellent—one of the very best investments I have made."
Louise Corke, Queensland, Australia




Studio painting in "fresh" air... who could ask for anything more? Thanks ARTIST’S AIR! — Sally Loughridge, Maine



I work on sanded panels that I prepare myself, and they have a lot of texture so there is a lot of extra dust. The ARTIST’S AIR has performed beyond my expectations. My small studio space is in a corner of my living room and I have checked the floor around the easel several times. There is no dust.    — Jeannie Fine, Washington



My ARTIST’S AIR greatly reduces the amount of pastel dust in the studio—I notice this particularly on my computer screen! I have much less nose, eye, and throat irritation and it keeps my studio free of odors from oil paints. A great invention! Thanks!
Jenny Litchfield, Maine


“I‘ve had my ARTIST’S AIR System for 4 years. Besides the peace of mind I get using it, I love having the filter collection unit directly under my painting support while I work. It‘s so practical for pastel painting.”
Richard Lundgren, Florida



“I am very thankful for the air filter as it allows me
to focus on the joy of creativity without worrying
about inhaling dust from the pastels. I am so grateful for Warren’s invention.”
Gail Kennedy, New Hampshire


ARTIST’S AIR has solved my breathing difficulties
caused by the various media I use. My unit has operated reliably for over 5 years, several days a week.” — Roger Davis, Colorado


“Headaches, earaches and throat problems I suffered in the past from pastel dust were solved using ARTIST’S AIR.”
Shizue Cooper, Massachusetts




I am just amazed at how much dust it is collecting.  I appreciate the genius that created this product. My mother died of lung disease, and I don't want to follow in her footsteps. You have made painting with pastel a joy!
Jackie Moore, Florida




"This may seem to be a biased testimonial, as I am one of the co-founders of ARTIST’S AIR. However, I am the artist for whom this was designed and I have had five years to use it.

ARTIST’S AIR has been a tremendous relief to me, because it has eliminated completely a chronic sinus condition I had developed from working in pastels after several years. A dust mask was part of my daily routine, but it never truly helped. Reluctantly and regrettably, the need to search out another medium that didn’t affect my health was pressing. Warren Riess, my husband, determined that he would find a solution to this dilemma.

After 5 years of constant use, I now paint without a dust mask and without any renewed sinus irritations. I have comfortably returned to the medium I have loved for 30 years.

I have always sustained headaches while painting with oils, trying different medium and solvents to avoid these obvious symptoms of vapor-related attacks on my nervous system. Using ARTIST’S AIR while I paint in oils, I have not suffered any headaches and my studio smells wonderfully healthy and clean. I work with it set at “medium” and after I finish painting, I leave it on “low” for a few hours, returning to an odorless and toxin-free studio.
Kathleen Galligan, Maine


I'm a painter and I love my ARTIST’S AIR! Kathleen and Warren asked if I would test a unit with encaustic paints. I was pleased to be given the opportunity. It's amazing! No headaches or other unhealthy side affects. I am pleasantly surprised how much more alert I feel when painting. It allows me to work for longer periods at a time. Placing the collection box on the table closest to my palette allows it to collect the fumes immediately. The fumes caused by melting encaustics on a hot palette no longer linger and build up in the studio.

The ARTIST’S AIR has freed me to work in the way I want. I thank Kathleen and Warren for helping artists make their art in a safe and healthy environment. It has made a huge difference in how I work without the worry. Using common sense in handling materials combined with the ARTIST’S AIR has made life in the studio the pleasure it should be.
Sandra Quinn, Maine


ARTIST’S AIR is fabulous! I have been able to paint for longer periods of time because I don't have to escape from the fumes! I no longer get that sleepy feeling 3 hours into a session. I use the medium setting while I'm working,or the highest setting if I am using a lot of medium (damar, standard oil, & trups) or when I clean up with turps. I leave the unit on the highest setting for a couple of hours after my clean-up and I can't even tell that I've been painting! It's awesome! Thank you so much!
Lori Tremblay, Maine